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A myriad of volunteer opportunities await. Interacting with the Texas Shakespeare Festival artists, audience members and other Guild members is rewarding and exciting. The Guild’s main activities are listed below, but there are also other ways to contribute your time and energy. If you are interested in volunteering for the Festival, contact any Guild Board member. We will be gratified to welcome you to our family of volunteers.  Thank you!


Greeters welcome audience members as they enter the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center and assist in directing guests to the ticket office, Stratford Room, restrooms, or auditorium.

If you're interested in more information contact Martha Rutherford - or Melinda Johnson - 

Monday Events

The Company works 13 hours a day, Tuesday through Sunday, and Monday is their only day off.  In order to provide entertainment and a much-needed diversion, area citizens generously host barbecues, fish fries, skeet shoots, and horseback riding for the Company. Because of the extreme summer heat, water plays an important part in the success of the Monday events, so lake outings or swim parties are particularly successful.

If you’re interested in hosting a Monday Event or would like more information contact John Dodd -


Individuals or families “adopt” two or more Company Artists for lunch, an outing, or dinner by inviting them to their homes or out to a restaurant. Both the host and the Artists have a great time getting acquainted, and the East Texas hospitality is a real treat for the Artists.

If you’re interested in adopting an artist, contact John Dodd -

Welcome Dinner: 

During the first week after the Company arrives in May, the TSF Guild Members host a Welcome Dinner for the entire Company. The Welcome Dinner offers both Guild Members and Company Artists an opportunity to meet each other. Immediately following the Welcome Dinner the TSF Summer Designs are presented, during which the directors and designers give a preview of the artistic concepts for the Summer Season productions.

For more information contact Eileen Kosnik- or Claudia Morgan-Gray-

Strike Dinner

On the Monday after the closing performance, TSF Guild Members host a Strike Day Dinner for the entire Company. The Strike Dinner offers Guild Members and Company Members an opportunity to express their mutual appreciation before the Company departs.

For more information contact Eileen Kosnik- or Claudia Morgan-Gray-

Welcome Gifts: 

Upon arrival, the TSF Guild presents each Company Member with a special “hospitality container,” filled with gift items such as note pads, snacks, trial-size toiletries, pens, pencils, highlighters, laundry pods, and toilet tissue. The items are purchased by the TSF Foundation and Guild, and are assembled by volunteers. Donated items are welcome as are designated cash donations for purchasing items.

For more information or to donate items contact Eileen Kosnik- or Claudia Morgan-Gray-

Food for Company Artists

The TSF Guild membership dues provide:

  • breakfast five days per week during the season; Tuesday-Sunday

  • lunch basics on three days; Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

Lunch Bunch Volunteers bring extra dishes on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday to compliment the purchased lunch basics.  These extras include seasonal fruit, desserts, chips/dips, side vegetables, hearty salads, or other things that add to the Company’s enjoyment and nutrition.  Because of fire marshal codes, the Festival Center does not have an oven or stovetop so hot food needs to be in a crock pot or in an other warming method.

Changeover Meal Volunteers donate to a special fund or bring a full meal to feed thirty crew members who work the open-set changeovers between matinee and evening shows on four nights a week after the productions open.  Changeover meals are each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in JULY.

For more information or to donate items contact Eileen Kosnik- or Claudia Morgan-Gray- 

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