Make a tax-deductible donation today by Credit Card, Check, Cash, or through giving Goods or Services. You can make an online donation today with your credit card by clicking HERE. Additionally you can send check or cash donations. Checks can be made payable to TSF and mailed to:

Texas Shakespeare Festival
1100 Broadway Blvd.
Kilgore, TX 75662


Annual Fund Donation Levels:  

Texas Shakespeare Festival is deeply grateful to all the donors who support the Festival through donations to the TSF Foundation Annual Fund drive. We could not do what we do without our amazing generosity of our donors! Donors are recognized in the video display in the lobby and listed in our Season Playbill under the following categories:









We also have a limited number of Special Sponsorship Opportunities that come extra advertising exposure and benefits!

Festival Underwriter: $50,000  
1 Available

Your gift will cover approximately 15% of the total cost of the Festival.

Are you a passionate supporter of the arts wanting to make a huge impact on Texas Shakespeare Festival? If so, this opportunity is for you! Your name (and logo if applicable) will be prominently displayed in Season Playbill, on our website and in the lobby throughout the season. A live, onstage announcement of your incredible generosity will be made before each performance. You’ll receive a voucher for 8 season tickets plus the opportunity for a private meet and greet with the actors.

Production Underwriter: $20,000 
4 available: one for each main production

Your gift will cover approximately 25% of the total cost of “your” production.

Stake your claim to one of our four main shows! Your name (and logo if applicable) will be displayed in the season playbill and on the website. During performances of your show, your name will be prominently displayed in the lobby and a live onstage announcement extoling your generosity will be made before the performance of your show. You’ll also have an opportunity to sit down and talk with the director of your show, as well as an invitation to sit in on a rehearsal. This sponsorship includes a voucher for 6 season tickets.

Children’s Show Underwriter: $7,500 
1 available

Your gift will cover approximately 75% of the total cost of the Children’s Production.

Love kids? Love the theatre? Then this is the glass slipper for your foot, Cinderella! Happy children and their parents will see your name printed in the Playbill and prominently displayed in the lobby as Children’s Show Underwriter. You’ll receive a voucher for 2 season tickets and 10 tickets to the Children’s show.

Department Sponsor:  $5,000 
4 Available: Costumes, Scenery, Lighting, Sound

Your gift will pay a portion of the expense associated with “your” department.

Do you have a particular interest in costumes, scenery, lighting or sound? Then sponsor that department and be a part of the fun! Your gift will be acknowledged in the program and in lobby signage. You’re also invited to have a private tour with the staff of your department to see up close how the magic is made! 

Stratford Room Sponsor: $5,000 

Your gift will allow us to purchase items at wholesale prices to for resale in the Stratford Room

Memorable experiences call for memorable souvenirs, and that’s what we sell in our Stratford Room giftshop. Your sponsorship includes a listing in the Season Playbill as well as prominent signage in the Stratford room.

Concession Sponsor: $2,500 

Your gift will allow us to purchase items at wholesale prices to for resale at the Concessions Table.

Feeling snacky? So are the members of our audience. Your generosity will be acknowledged in the program and with signage at the concessions table, where it will be seen by appreciative patrons at each performance. 

Van Cliburn Seating Sponsor: $500 or $350

For a donation of $500 a brass plate will be inscribed with your name or “In Honor of ___” or “In Memory of ___” by “[Your Name]” and affixed to the back of a center-section auditorium seat. An identical brass plate will be attached to a plaque located in the theatre lobby. Select a side-section seat for a $350 donation.

Join the Prospero Society: Any amount

Named after the generous magician in William Shakespeare's The Tempest, The Prospero Society recognizes those who have provided for Texas Shakespeare Festival Foundation in their estate plans. Bequests, charitable trusts, and other planned gifts allow donors to provide future gifts from their estate to support the Festival without impacting their current financial situation. Learn More.


These Sponsorship categories are only suggestions. Donations of ANY amount are welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged.

Donations can be made through either the:
Texas Shakespeare / Kilgore College Foundation
The Texas Shakespeare Festival Foundation.

Both are registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organizations.

For more information on any sponsorship opportunity, contact:

Matthew Simpson


Melissa DeCarlo

Underwriter    $10,000 or more
Producer          $5,000 - $9,999
Sponsor            $2,500 - $4,999
Director            $1,000 - $2,499
Manager           $500 - $999
Artist                 $250 - $499
Stagehand        $100 - $249
Apprentice       $50 - $99
Patron               $10 - $49