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In a political landscape, jealousy and conspiracy have driven many to believe that Julius Caesar poses a threat to democracy. Taking matters into their own hands, Caesar’s allies revolt and murder him, leading to an eventual civil war. 

What to Expect: A political drama that, despite being written over 400 years ago, is shockingly relatable today. Some heightened language and violence make it less suitable for all audiences. 

You’ll Love it if you Loved: Lear (2023), Born Yesterday (2019) Romeo & Juliet (2021)

Rating: PG-13

Caesar Font.png


Director: Susan Felder
Vocal Director: Andrew Schwartz

Choreographer: Whitney Branan
Music Director: Richard Crawley

Intimacy Director: Marybeth Gorman-Craig

Fight Director: Micah Goodding

Scenic Designer: Meghan Potter

Costume Designer: Camilla Morrison

Wig Stylist: Kate Backman

Lighting Designer: Tony Galaska

Sound Designer: Maxwell Franko

Technical Director: Nick Kilgore

Properties Supervisor: Travis Driver


Caesar Cast Graphic.png
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