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Todrick the Not-So-Terrible

By Grace Abele

Before his coronation, Todrick the Terrible (Tenth of his Name) must complete an evil quest: capture a lost maiden, tie her to a rock, and feed her to his pet dragon. The trouble is, Todrick isn’t very terrible. In this anti-Arthurian legend, a young prince desperate to fulfill his evil purpose must seek out the Magical and Conveniently-Placed-Blade-of-Destiny in the Stone…or risk throwing off the delicate balance between the Kingdoms of Good and Evil. 


Tickets on Sale May 1st, 2023


Written By: Grace Abele

Director: Micah Goodding

Fight Director: TBA

Scenic & Properties Design: Nick Kilgore

Costume Design: TBA

Wig Stylist: TBA

Lighting Design: TBA

Sound Design: TBA



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