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King Lear
By William Shakespeare

“How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is To have a thankless child!” 

Nearing retirement age, King Lear must divide his estate between his three daughters. After years of being flattered and lied to, he has misjudged who has his good intentions at heart. This fatal mistake sends him into the arms of those who seek to harm him and away from his youngest daughter, Cordelia, who truly cares for him. Only through trials and tribulations does Lear realize his wrong choice, after he has already been driven to madness.  One of Shakespeare’s most epic tragedies, this story will keep you glued to your seat with its soaring language, moving poetry, and iconic characters.


Tickets on Sale May 1st, 2023


Written By: William Shakespeare

Director: TBA

Vocal Director: TBA

Music Director: TBA

Intimacy Director: TBA

Fight Director: TBA

Scenic & Properties Design: TBA

Costume Design: TBA

Wig Stylist: TBA

Lighting Design: TBA

Sound Design: TBA