To the Loyal Patrons of the Texas Shakespeare Festival, 

As we continue to navigate our way through this unprecedented series of national events, thinking always first about the health and safety of everyone, we had hoped that by April 15 the national emergency would have subsided enough to allow us to continue planning for a 2020 summer season for the Texas Shakespeare Festival. Even though we have learned that a number of other theaters and summer festivals have either canceled their 2020 season or postponed it until the fall, we kept hope alive, planning to make our decision in mid-April, a month before the Company would arrive. 

Now that April 15 is upon us, and given the fact that travel restrictions and the social distancing campaign have been extended through the end of April, TSF’s arrival date of May 15 is looking less and less feasible. 

Some of you have emailed or called to ask about our summer plans, having turned down other contract offers to join us, so I understand your anxiety. I also deeply appreciate your patience and understanding.

In our offices, we have had ongoing discussions about what we should do, and we certainly want to do the right thing. Personally, it is painful to think of canceling since I have already submitted my resignation, making this my final year with TSF, but the last thing any of us wants is to endanger the health of anyone, including our loyal patrons, most of whom are in the most vulnerable age-range.

For our Company Members, traveling in airplanes, living in a dorm, and working so closely together starting on May 15 no longer seems wise.

With a heavy heart and deep regret, therefore, I believe it is in the best interest of all the artists and our many loyal patrons to announce to everyone that the Texas Shakespeare Festival will not produce a 2020 summer season.

With gratitude for your understanding, deep admiration for your spirit, prayers for your health and safety, and the hope that we will have an opportunity to work together in the future. 



Raymond Caldwell

Hope is a lover’s staff; walk hence with that
And manage it against despairing thoughts. 

-William Shakespeare

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