The Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare

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June 26; July 2, 5, 10, 12, 14, 18, 22, 25

Director: Paige Newmark
Set Designer: Jimmy Humphries
Costume Designers: Paul Reinhardt, Val Winkelman
Lighting Designer: David Kniep
Properties Designer: Michael McKowen
Sound Designer: Roni Lias
Composer: Cynthia Walsh
Mask and Puppet Designer: Michael McKowen
Stage Manager: Heather Lenzen
Assistant Stage Manager: Fred Hemminger
Scenery Crew: Kevin Scott, Jhn Russell, Kenny smith, Avery Snider, Douglas Tomlin, Jamie Weddle
Light Board Operator: Sarah Rochford
Sound Board Operator: Jason Biggs
Properties: Michael McKowen
Head of Wardrobe: Joel Ebarb
Assistant Head of Wardrobe: Cathy Cline
Dressers:  Anna L. Holleman, Andrea Hyde, Margaret Jones, Rebecca Ripley, Suezanne Ryan, Stephanie Shaw, Terry Summers
(in order of appearance)
Robert Shallow, a Justice of the Peace Jack Vaughn
Abraham Slender, suitor to Anne Page Jeffrey Sutton
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson David Tillistrand
George Page, a citizen of Windsor Clark Stevens
Sir John Falstaff Mark Lynch*
Bardolph, Falstaff’s follower Daniel Lee Jansen
Pistol, Falstaff’s follower Jeff Mattlin
Nym, Falstaff’s follower Jesse Pennington
Mistress Margaret (Meg) Page, wife of George Page Teri Thomas
Mistress Alice Ford, wife for Frank Ford Colleen Madden
Anne (Nan) Page, daughter of the Pages Emily Rogge
Peter Simple, Slender’s servant James Nardella
The Host of the Garter Inn Antony Hagopian
Robin, Falstaff’s page Shelly Scoville
Mistress Quickly, Dr. Caius’ housekeeper Michele Tauber*
John Rugby, Dr. Caius’ servant Paul McWhirter, III
Dr. Caius, French physician and suitor to Anne Page Joe Falocco
Fenton, a young gentleman and suitor to Anne Page Daniel G. Pino
Francis (Frank) Ford, a citizen of Windsor Jason O’Connell*
John, Ford’s servant Josh Kaufmann
Robert, Ford’s servant Mark Watson
William Page, a schoolboy, son to the Pages Marcus Butler
Townsgirl Krista Motley
*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

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