The Revenge of the Space Pandas

by David Mamet

July 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Director: Kevin Jones
Stage Manager: Jamey Jennings
Set Designer: Jimmy Humphries
Costume Co-Designer: Joel Ebarb
Costume Co-Designers: TSF Apprentice Costumers
Lighting Designer: David Kniep
Properties Co-Designer: Amahl Lovato
Properties Co-Designers: TSF Props Apprentices
Composer and Sound Designer: Cynthia Walsh
Assistant Stage Manager: Heather M. Lenzen
(in order of appearance)
Leonard (Binky) Rudich, a scientist: Aaron P. Brinen
Vivian Mooster, an associate: Kate Trimble
Bob, a Sheep: Neal Medlin
Mrs. Rudich, Leonard’s mother: Rebecca Challis
George Topax, a Supreme Ruler: Jeff Mattlin
Edward Farpis, an ex-Matinee Idol: David March
Buffy, a space panda: Courtney Dempsey
Boots, another space panda: Jeremy Travis
A Retainer: Chrystyna Dail
An Executioner: John Russell
The Executioner’s Assistant: Rebecca Challis
The Court Jester: David Fluitt
Announcers: Rebecca Challis
Mark Holmes
A Resident of Crestview: Mark Holmes
A Newsperson: Bryant Mason

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