Henry V

by William Shakespeare

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June 28; July 3, 6, 11, 13, 15, 19, 23, 26

Director: Eve Adamson
Stage Manager: Chuck O’Donnell
Set Designer: Jimmy Humphries
Costume Designer: Margaret A. McKowen
Lighting Designer: Richard Tatum
Properties Designer: Amahl Lovato
Sound Designer: Roni Lias
Composer: Stephen Lias
Assistant Stage Manager: Heather M. Lenzen
Scenery Crew: Steve Bacarisse, Matthew Craig, Clayton Harris
Light Crew: Chad Taylor, Doug Heyob, Stacy Thomas
Sound Board: Cynthia Walsh
Props Crew: Jenny Bunker
Wardrobe: Joel Ebarb, Shana Albery, Amy Bradshaw,
Andrea Hyde, Sarah Rochford
The Cast
The Chorus: Joseph Graves
The English
King Henry V: John Lenartz
Archbishop of Canterbury: Michael Surabian
Bishop of Ely: Riley Wood
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, brother to the king:: Jeff Mattlin
Thomas, Duke of Clarence, brother to the king: Mark Holmes
Duke of Exeter, uncle to the king: Damon Kupper
Earl of Westmoreland: Bill Ledbetter
Earl of Cambridge, traitor: Randy Howk
Lord Scroop, traitor: Karl Herlinger
Sir Thomas Grey, traitor: Taylor Ruckel
Bardolph: Scott Ahearn
Nym: Brian Gill
Pistol: Steve Cardamone
Boy: Jay Birdwell
Mistress Quickly: Carol Hanscom
Gower, Captain: Randy Howk
Fluellen, Captain: Riley Wood
Williams, Soldier: Karl Herlinger
Bates, Soldier: Taylor Ruckel
Court, Soldier: Neal Medlin
Sir Thomas Erpingham: Jack Kandel
Additional soldiers: Aaron P. Brinen
David March
John Russell
The French
King Charles VI of France: Jack Kandel
Dauphin, his son: Kelly AuCoin
Katherine, his daughter: Nalini Selvadoray
The Constable of France: Michael Surabian
Duke of Orleans: Brian J. Gill
Montjoy, Herald of the French: James Haskins
Alice, Lady-in-Waiting: Carol Hanscom
Ambassador of France: James Haskins
Monsieur le Fer: Scott Ahearn

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