A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

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June 22, 25, 28; July 1, 4, 8, 14, 16

Director: Jennifer Ross
Scenic Designer: Kevin Seime
Costume Designer: Dr. Paul Reinhardt
Lighting Designer: Richard Tatum
Composer: Stephen Lias
Sound Designer: Roni Lias
Properties Designer: Leigh Ann Truly
Scenic Artists: Jimmy Humphries, Kevin Seime
Stage Manager: Sharyn Studstill
Assistant Stage Manager: Kristen Chirillo
The Cast
The Athenian Court
Theseus, Duke of Athens: Glenn Kessler
Hippolyta, Queen of tthe Amazons, betrothed to Theseus: Casey Stewart-Lindley
Lysander, young courtier: Michael Hall
Demetrius, young courtier: Robert Adle
Hermia, in love with Lysander: Rebecca DuMaine
Helena, in love with Demetrius: Kirstin Allen
Egeus, Hermia’s father: Aaron Morgan
Philostrate, Theseus’ Master of the Revels: Dan Rodden
Attendants to Theseus and Hippolyta: Brian A. Costello
Steven Sjolseth
Attendant to Philostrate: Zay Harding
The Athenian Artisans
Peter Quince, a carpenter; Prologue in the interlude: John Lenartz
Nick Bottom, a weaver; Pyramus in the interlude: Brian A. Coffey
Francis Flute, a bellows-mender; Thisbe in the interlude: Chuck Sprinkle
Robin Starveling, a tailor; Moonshine in the interlude Aaron Morgan
Tom Snout, a tinker; Wall in the interlude: Tim Gregory
Snug, a joiner; Lion in the interlude: Michael Surabian
The Fairy Court
Oberon, King of the Fairies: Glenn Kessler
Titania, Queen of the Fairies: Casey Stewart-Lindley
Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, Oberon’s jester and lieutenant: Fred Berman
Cobweb, fairy: Dany Dobbins
Peaseblossom, fairy: Susan Emory
Moth, fairy: Rebecca Challis
Mustardseed, fairy: Cathy Cline
Other fairies attending on Oberon: Adam LaVier
Neal Medlin

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