by William Shakespeare

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June 21, 24, 27; July 1, 7, 9, 13, 16

Director: Dr. Paul Gaffney
Scenic Co-Designer: Jimmy Humphries
Scenic Co-Designer: Steve Warner
Costume Co-Designer: Dr. Paul Reinhardt
Costume Co-Designer: Joel Ebarb
Lighting Designer: Richard Tatum
Sound Designer: Roni Lias
Properties Designer: Leigh Ann Truly
Scenic Artists: Jimmy Humphries, Kevin Seime
Fight Director: Tim Gregory
Stage Manager: Amy Warner
Assistant Stage Manager: Susan Masson
(in order of appearance)
The Weird Sisters: Kirstin Allen
McKinley Carter
Dany Dobbins
Duncan, King of Scotland: Bob Balderson
Malcolm, his son: Chuck Sprinkle
Donalbain, his son: Aaron Morgan
Macduff, a nobleman: Glenn Kessler
A Sergeant, in Duncan’s army: Andrew Mendelson
Lennox, a nobleman: Dan Rodden
Ross, a nobleman: Michael Surabian
Duncan’s Soldiers: Robert Adle
Connor Fitzgerald
Brian A. Costello
Steven Sjolseth
Macbeth, a nobleman: Tim Gregory
Banquo, a nobleman: Brian J. Coffey
Seyton, Macbeth’s aide: Sean Byrd
Fleance, Banquo’s son John Mixon
Lady Macbeth, Macbeth’s wife: Casey Stewart-Lindley
Lady-in-Waiting: Rebecca Challis
Porter, in service to Macbeth: Bob Balderson
Murderers, in service to Macbeth: Robert Adle
Connor Fitzgerald
Noblemen: Brian A. Costello
Steven Sjolseth
Lady Macduff, Macduff’s wife: Kirstin Allen
A Boy, Macduff’s son: Dustin Odom
Malcolm’s Soldiers: Andrew Mendelson
Brian A. Costello
Steven Sjolseth
A Doctor: Aaron Morgan
Macbeth’s Soldiers: Robert Adle
Connor Fitzgerald

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