Love’s Labor’s Lost

by William Shakespeare

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June 23, 26; July 2, 5, 9, 15, 17

Director: Tom Whitaker
Scenic Designer: Mike Winkelman
Costume Designer: Dr. Paul Reinhardt
Lighting Designer: Tim Poertner
Composer: Stephen Lias
Sound Coordinator: Roni Lias
Props Designer: Kevin Seime
Scenic Artists: Jimmy Humphries, Scott Kirkham
Stage Manager: Amy Smyth
Assistant Stage Manager: Eric Stoneberg
The Cast
Ferdinand, King of Navarre: Glenn Fleshler
lords attending on the King  
Berowne: Bradford Cover
Longaville: Ron Cohen
Dumain: Tim Lane
Princess of France: Tina P. Stafford
ladies attending on the Princess  
Rosaline: Kaia Monroe
Maria: Regan Thompson
Katharine: K.C. Crowe
lords attending on the Princess  
Boyet: Tom Kremer
Mercade: Michael Lynch
First Lord: Steven Gibbs
Don Adriano de Armado, a fantastical Spaniard: Lex Woutas
Moth, page to Armado: William C. Bearder
Costard, a clown: Chuck Sprinkle
Dull, a constable: Edward J. Gilmartin
Jaquenetta, a country wench: Pam Pendleton
Holofernes, a schoolmaster: Dan Rodden
Sir Nathaniel, a curate: John Cimics
Forester: Andrew Mendelson
Guitar Player: Todd Lowe

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