by Charlotte B.

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July 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Director: Jennifer Ross
Scenic Designer: Jimmy Humphries
Costume Designer: Joel Ebarb
Lighting Designer: Cheri Prough
Composer: Stephen Lias
Sound Coordinator: Roni Lias
Props Designer: Kevin Seime
Scenic Artists: Jimmy Humphries, Scott Kirkham
Stage Manager: Amy Smyth
Assistant Stage Managers: Eric Stoneberg, Sharyn Studstill
(in order of appearance)
Cinderella: Kelli Kerslake
First Sister: K.C. Crowe
Second Sister: Kaia Monroe
Mother: Clara Brent Morris
Roland: William C. Bearder
Prince: Chuck Sprinkle
Felicia: Regan Thompson
Galafron: Lex Woutas
Curdkin: Edward J. Gilmartin
Queen: Pam Pendleton
Herald: Steven Gibbs
Page: Steven McClurg
Guests at the ball: Todd Lowe
Chyreé LeMaster
Gary Minyard
Andrew Mendelson
Benjamin Morphis

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