The Learnèd Ladies

by Molière

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June 24, 27, 30; July 3, 6, 10, 16, 18

Director: Paul Gaffney
Scenic Designer: Michael Winkelman
Costume Designer: Dr. Paul Reinhardt
Lighting Designer: Tim Poertner
Composer: Stephen Lias
Sound Coordinator: Todd Drga
Props Designer: Scott Kirkham
Stage Manager: Robert J. Martin
Assistant Stage Manager: Laurie Dietrich
(in order of appearance)
Armande, Chrysale’s daughter: Tina P. Stafford
Henriette, her younger sister: Kirstin Allen
Clitandre, Henriette’s suitor: Richard Width
Bélise, Chrysale’s sister: Betty Burdick
Ariste, Chrysale’s brother: Alexis Woutas
Chrysale, a well-to-do bourgeois: Allan Michael Grosman
Philaminte, Chrysale’s wife: Jan Russell
Martine, the housekeeper: Sharon K. London
Trissotin, a wit: John Silvers
Lépine, a servant: Charles Pehrson
Vadius, a poet: Mark Lynch
Julien, valet to Vadius: Mark Shum
Notary: John Cimics

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