The Life and Death of Richard III

by William Shakespeare

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June 23, 26; July 1, 4, 9, 12

Director: Scott Shattuck
Costume Designer: Val Winkelman
Scenic Designer: Mike Winkelman
Lighting Designer: Tim Poertner
Properties Designer: Jimmy Humphries
Composer: Stephen Lias
Sound Coordinator: Tim Poertner
Fight Choreographer: Kathy Barber
Stage Manager: Robert J. Martin
Assistant Stage Manager: Paige Mackey
Assistant to the Director: Gary Minyard


Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III: Glenn Fleshler
George Duke of Clarence, his brother: Spence White
Sir Robert Brakenbury, lieutenant of the Tower of London: Gene D’Alessandro
Lord Hastings, Lord Chamberlain to Edward IV: Bruce Barton
Lady Anne, widow of Prince Edward, daughter-in-law of the slain Lancastrian King Henry IV: Dory Binyon
Sir Thomas Vaughan, supporter of Queen Elizabeth: Girard Rudasill
Earl Rivers, brother of Queen Elizabeth: Laurence Kaiser
Lord Grey, son of Queen Elizabeth by a former marriage: Ashley Smith
Queen Elizabeth, married to Yorkist King Edward IV despite her strong Lancastrian ties: Susanne Ecklund
Lord Stanley, loyal to the crown, stepfather of Richmond: John Cimics
Duke of Buckingham, confidant to Richard: John Morrison
Margaret, widowed Queen of the Lancastrian King Henry VI: Jan Russell
Marquess of Dorset, elder son of Elizabeth by her former marriage: Dean Purvis
Sir William Catesby, an official in the household of King edward IV and supporter of Richard: David Stern
A pair of clowns, employed by Richard to murder Clarence: Spencer Farmer
Joel Kneedler
Keeper in the Tower: Thom Taylor
King Edward IV, elder brother of Clarence and Richard: David Kaye
Duchess of York, mother of Edward IV, Clarence and Richard: Tanya Lunstroth
Citizens of London: Stacy Cooper
Paige Mackey
Archbishop of York, loyal to Queen Elizabeth: Sean White
Duke of York, youngest child of Edward IV and Elizabeth: Travis McMillan
Young Prince Edward, heir to the throne of Edward IV, brother of the Duke of York: Marcus Perry
George Stanley, son of Lord Stanley: Jason T. Hammer
Sir Richard Ratcliffe, supporter: Drew Kahn
Bishop of Ely, who was long a Lancastrian partisan: Joel Kneedler
Lord Lovell, another of Richard’s supporters: Spencer Farmer
Lord Mayor of London: Thom Taylor
Page at the court of Richard III: Stacy Cooper
Sir James Tyrell, an officer at Richard’s court: Laurence Kaiser
Messengers in the army of Richard III: John Griffin
Gary Minyard
Sean White
Sir Christopher Urswick, a supporter of Richmond: Bruce Barton
Earl of Richmond, great-great-great grandosn of Edward III and the Lancastrians hope for the crown: Ashley Smith
Earl of Oxford, Officer in Richmond’s army: David Kaye
Sir Walter Herbert, Officer in Richmond’s army: Spence White
Sir James Blunt, Officer in Richmond’s army: Joel Kneedler
Earl of Surrey, Officer in the army of Richard III: Girard Rudasill
Duke of Norfolk, Officer in the army of Richard III: Laurence Kaiser
Jane Shore, a Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth: Gwen Lane
Young Elizabeth, daugher of Edward IV and Elizabeth: Paige Mackey
Attendants, guards, citizens, bishops, and soldiers: Stacy Cooper
John Griffin
Jason T. Hammer
Travis McMillan
Gary Minyard
Marcus Perry
Girard Rudasill
Sean White

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