Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
Translation by Brian Hooker

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June 28; July 1*, 3, 6, 11, 14

*Matinee performance

Director: Brian Nelson
Scene Designer: Larry Kaushansky
Costume Designers: Paul D. Reinhardt, Val Winkelman
Lighting Designer: Karen S. Spahn
Sound Designer: Timothy J. Poertner
Property Designer: Ken East
Fight Director: Claude Caux
Stage Manager: Michael Bolen
Assistant Stage Managers: Ammerson Amos, David Andrew Smith
The Cast
Orange Girl Dena J. Cerino
Brissaille Earnest Straughter
A Lady Katherine Marie McEnulty
A Meddler Dan Lundy
Soubrette Ammerson Amos
Bellerose David Andrew Smith
Commedienne Gabrielle Servello
Musketeer Steven Matt
Boy Robert J. Martin
Cutpurse Peter J. Agnew
First Marquis David Kaye
Second Marquis Antony F. Sandoval
Ligniere Stephen D. Wilson
Christian de Neuvillette Steve Chizmadia
Ragueneau Larry Martin
Lise Sarah Anne Dacey
LeBret Thomas Fiscella
Madeleine Robin, called Roxane Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Duenna Jan Russell
Compte de Guiche Danny Campbell
Vicomte de Valvert David Lee Smith
Cardinal Richelieu Spence White
Montfleury Harrison Long
Cyrano de Bergerac Mark Mineart
Cooks Katherine Marie McEnulty
Peter J. Agnew
Poets David Lee Smith
Harrison Long
Dan Lundy
Captain Carbon de Castel-Jaloux Spence White
Cadets David Lee Smith
Stephen D. Wilson
Harrison Long
Dan Lundy
Earnest Straughter
Robert J. Martin
Pages Robert J. Martin
Ammerson Amos
Capuchin Harrison Long
Sentry Antony F. Sandoval
Coachmen David Andrew Smith
Peter J. Agnew
Mother Marguerite de Jesus Jan Russell
Sister Marthe Sarah Anne Dacey
Sister Claire Dena J. Cerino


Ammerson Amos
Katherine Marie McEnulty
Gabrielle Servello

Time: The first four acts in 1640; the fifth in 1655
Place: Paris and the surrounding French countryside

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