by Molière
Translated by Richard Wilbur

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June 29; July 2*, 4, 7, 12, 15

*Matinee performance

Director: Raymond Caldwell
Set Designer: Susan A. Rugg
Costume Designer: Stephanie Siemens
Lighting Designer: Brackley Frayer
Sound Designer: Timothy Poertner
Movement Coach: Claude Caux
Stage Manager: Michael Bolen
Assistant Stage Manager: Kasia Draski
Rehearsal Assistant: Angela Cochran


Madame Pernelle, Orgon’s Mother Teri Thomas
Flipote, Mme. Pernelle’s Maid Dianne Scheider
Orgon, Elmire’s husband Keythe Farley
Elmire, Orgon’s wife Heidi Rose Robbins
Damis, Orgon’s son, Elmire’s stepson Richard Holmes
Mariane, Orgon’s daughter, Elmire’s stepdaughter Serena Berné
Valere, in love with Mariane James Tindel
Cleante, Orgon’s brother-in-law Eric Ferguson
Tartuffe, a hypocrite Larry Martin
Dorine, Mariane’s lady’s-maid Kristin N. Baer
M. Loyal, a bailiff Carroll Hovland
A Police Officer

Brett D. Dotter

The scene throughout: Orgon’s house

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