by William Shakespeare

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June 28; July 1, 6, 9*, 11, 14

*Matinee performance

Director: Richard Geer
Set Designer: Susan A. Rugg
Costume Designer: Dr. Paul Reinhardt
Lighting Designer: Brackley Frayer
Sound Designer: Timothy Poertner
Fight Director/Movement Coach: Claude Caux
Stage Manager: Kay Blair
Assistant Stage Manager: Paula Dickinson
Assistant to the Director: Craig Cobb


Barnardo, a soldier Jonathan Wade Drahos
Francisco, a soldier Joel Goldes
Horatio, friend to Hamlet James Tindel
Marcellus, an officer Brett D. Dotter
Ghost of Old King Hamlet Larry Martin
Norwegian Ambassador Carroll Hovland
Claudius, King of Denmark, uncle to Hamlet Keythe Farley
Cornelius, a lord Sean Byrd
Voltemand, a lord Scott W. Young
Laertes, son to Polonius Richard Holmes
Polonius, minister to the King Gordon Fox
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, mother to Hamlet Teri Thomas
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Lee Morgan
Ophelia, daughter to Polonius Serena Berné
Osric, a lord Scott Shattuck
Claudio, a lord Jason Richards
Attendant to the King Janna Grubbs
Attendant to the Queen Angela Cochran
Rosencrantz, friend to Hamlet Matthew Burnett
Guildenstern, friend to Hamlet

David Huber

The Players
King Larry Martin
Queen Kristin N. Baer
Company Craig Nelson Cobb
Harrison Long
Robert J. Martin
Joel Goldes
Fortinbras Harrison Long
Captain Carroll Hovland
Sailors Harrison Long
Carrol Hovland
First Gravedigger Larry Martin
Second Gravedigger Scott W. Young
Priest Carroll Hovland
English Ambassador Joel Goldes

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