by William Shakespeare

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June 24; July 2, 10, 14

Ted Swindley
Assistant Director: Big Skinny Brown
Scene Designer: Michelle Ney
Costume Designer: Dr. Paul Reinhardt
Lighting Designer: Jerald Enos
Sound Designer: Ken White
Fight Director: Margarett Perry
Stage Manager: Scott Shattuck
Assistant Stage Managers: Kim Floyd
Mark Lawyer


Duncan, King of Scotland Larry Martin
Malcolm, son of King Duncan Steve Chizmadia
Donalbain, son of King Duncan Scott Pierce
Macbeth, a general in the king’s army, later king Richard Holmes
Banquo, a general Joe Gilday
Macduff, nobleman of Scotland Michael MacCauley
Lennox, nobleman of Scotland Jeff Ricketts
Ross, nobleman of Scotland Dane Cruz
Mentieth, nobleman of Scotland Larry Martin
Angus, nobleman of Scotland Ty Kopp
Caithness, nobleman of Scotland Mark St. James
Fleance, Banquo’s son Charles Gale
Siward, an English warrior Douglas Goodrich
Young Siward, his son Charles Gale
Seyton, Macbeth’s attendant Stephen Terrell
Macduff’s son John Russell Hurst
An English Doctor Ty Kopp
A Scottish Doctor, attendant on Lady Macbeth Scott Pierce
A Sergeant Stephen Terrell
A Porter Big Skinny Brown
An Old Man Stephen Terrell
Three Murderers Mark St. James
Ty Kopp
Stephen Terrell
A Servant Trey Gorden
Lady Macbeth Trish Jenkins
Lady Macduff Angela Dohrmann
Macduff’s Daughter Sally Baker
A Lady-in-Waiting Terry Walsh
Three Witches Ellen Swenson
Karen Gaedke
Carrie Johnson
Apparitions Stephen Terrell
John Hurst
Charles Gale
Lords, Gentlemen, Officers, Soldiers, Attendants, Messengers, and Priests
Big Skinny Brown
Dane Cruz
Angela Dhrmann
Kim Floyd
Charles Gale
Douglas Goodrich
Trey Gorden
Ty Kopp
Mark Lawyer
Scott Pierce
Jeff Rickets
Mark St. James
Stephen Terrell
Terry Walsh

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