Company Meals Underwriter — $15,000

            Provides the TSF Company balanced evening meals three nights each week during their ten-week stay in Kilgore.

 The Company Dinners Underwriter receives:

• A full-page ad in the Season Playbill (value: $600)

• Listing in all printed materials as “TSF Company Dinners provided by __”

• Logo and corporate name featured in lobby display

• Logo and link to website on the Festival’s website

• Sixteen individual tickets or four season tickets (value: $448)

• Eight tickets to the children’s show (value: $56)

• Reserved parking space with signage: “Reserved for [your name]”


These Sponsorship categories are only suggestions.

Donations of ANY amount are welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged.


Donations can be made through either the

 Texas Shakespeare / Kilgore College Foundation or

The Texas Shakespeare Festival Foundation.

Both are registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organizations.


For more information on any sponsorship opportunity, contact:

Raymond Caldwell

(903-983-8117) or or or

 Leah Gorman





Thank you very much for your support of the

Texas Shakespeare Festival




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