Join the Texas Shakespeare Festival Guild

Privileges and Membership

The Guild was founded in 1994 to support the Texas Shakespeare Festival.  Anyone who expresses an active interest in the promotion, support, and well-being of the Texas Shakespeare Festival is eligible for annual membership.


All members are entitled to the following privileges:

  1. free subscriptions to the Guild newsletter, The Stratford Tribune
  2. advance notice and opportunity to purchase tickets for the Festival, insuring choice seating
  3. invitations to special events related to the Festival each year
  4. the right to vote and hold office in the Guild
  5. other opportunities and events that may be added as the Guild grows

Membership (annual dues: $20 Individual  / $35 Family Membership  / $10 TSF Company Alumni)

Members are asked to:

  • when able, participate in the volunteer activities of the Guild and/or the Texas Shakespeare Festival
  • renew membership annually

Members are requested to submit dues between September 1 – August 31 for each year’s Guild membership. 

Click on link for a printable copy of the TSF Guild Membership Application Form for 2012-2013 

Please mail TSF Guild Membership dues to:  TSF Guild, POB 2788, Kilgore, TX  75663

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