2013 Texas Shakespeare Festival Foundation, Corporate, and Individual Supporters

Sponsor – $25,000 or more

Kilgore College
Rosa May Griffin Foundation
Texas Shakespeare Festival Foundation
City of Kilgore

Underwriter – $10,000 – $24,999

Sandra and Steve Siler
Betty and Tom Mobley
Linda and David Craig

Producer – $2,500 – $9,999
Evelyn and Lloyd Bolding
Sue and F.E. (Frank) Brown, Jr.
Staci and Gerald Holtzman
Karen and Jim Repasky
Barbara and Roy Rossman
Transet Company, Inc.
Nan Shertzer White
Charlotte and John Wrather
The Crain Foundation

Director – $1,000 – $2,499

Wanda and Bobby Bittick
Martha H. and B.J. Clark
Jeannie and Craig King
Dr. Genie Linn
Susie and A.P. Merrit, Jr. -
Gregg Industrial Insulators
Sally A. and Charles L. Moffet
Margaret and Jim Perkins
Charles H. Richardson
Martha Rutherford
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wells

Manager – $500 – $999

Phyllis Alford
Back Porch/Clayton’s Mini Mart
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Boyd
Patricia Clifton
Nell Collins
Suzanne Cook & Company
Mary Charlotte Decker
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Duncan
Denise Flusche
Virginia and Connie Hudson
Margaret G. Martin
Larry W. Osborne
Sheryl and Rodney Phillips
Rhonda and Rudy Stephens -
Chevron Matching Gifts Program
The Cargill Foundation

Artist – $250-$499

Richard and Christina Anderson
Patricia Be Abernathy
Tess and Monty Bonner
Virginia and Terry Booker
David W. Booth
Rose Boyd Butler and George Boyd
Judy and D.L. Burlison
Martha and Robert Cargill
Cameron and Leslie Carlile
Cary H. Copeland
Amy Dyer
Janie Edmonds
Stella Ellington
Deta Rose Eyermann
Patricia H. Florence
Lois Ferrari and Paul Gaffney
M.E. George
Carol and Jack Gibson
Inette and Michael Gross
Giffin Hubbard
Jan and Craig Jaynes
Allison Anne Jones
Paula and Charles Kaplan
Kilgore National Bank
Jessica Martin
Nancy and Gene McWhorter
Latricia and Rex Nichols
Ms. Lou Noonan
Carol and Eddie Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roberts, Jr.
Sabine Mining Company
Mr. and Mrs. James Padgett
Jo and Jimmmy Salmon
Rebecca and Jason Searcy
Mary Bob and Mike Smith
Dr. Tom and Susan Kay Smith
Sobol Welders Supply – Mindy and Natalie Rabicoff
Nancy O. Starr
Mac and Tom Stone
Beth and Phillip Thacker
Ellen R. Watson
Judy and Glenn Weiss
Catherine and Dickens Wilkinson
Dr. Morgan and Alma Ruth Willeford
Ms. Betty O. Yarbrough
Dr. Ervin E. and Nadine Zvolanek

StageHand – $100 – $249

Carolyn and Henry Baer
Marilyn and Robert Bailey
Robert Balderson
Judy and Paul Banner
Sarah Bjorklund
Eva Jean Blount
Linda Brooks
Michelle and Tim Brookshire
Burke and Stack
Billie Jo and Bob Campbell
Jack Cargill
Kay Carter
Cornelia Chambers
Dr. Peggy and Howard Coghlan
Beverly and Sole Coleman
Frieda Schlemeyer Colfelt
Jo Lynn Cooper
Mr. Bill Bob Crim
Martha Dalby
Brigitte B. and Logan A Damewood
Ms. Janice E. Davidson
Cindy Graham and Ken Day
Linda and Mike Dean
D.C. Distributors, Inc.
J. Desse
Bonnie and Dick Dial
Myrtle Dodd
Marci and Darren Duvall
Bonnie Edmonds
M. Alton Evans, Jr.
Linda Everett
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Farris
Susanna and David Fennema
Fesco, Ltd.
Joyce Flanagan
Monica and Ken Flory
Rev. and Mrs. John D. Gondol
Claudia Morgan-Gray and Weldon R. Gray
Linda and Jerry Fontineau
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Gordon
Niki Blaske and Darren Groce
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hale
Margie K. Hall
Charles J. Hart
Henderson High School Drama Club
Scotti Wood and Bill Holda
Michelle and Tony Holyfield
Dorothy Houk
Joyce P. Hugman
Darba and Frank Jackson
JMW – Cindy and Johnny Walker
Linda and Paul Jordan
Diann and Bill Kennedy
Dianne and Joseph Kennedy
Tommy Konczak
Libby and Clarence Laird
Jane, Mark and Jackson Lane
Mary and Harold LeTourneau
Longview Women’s Forum
Kimberly and Otoniel Macedo
Barbara R. and Michael H. MacRoberts
Gail and Mike Martin
Johnnie and Pat McCrory
Pamela Mercer-McWilliams
Gem Meacham and John Hillier
Shelia Miller
Willa E. Mortenson
Margaret Moseley
Dr. Gerald G. Mullikin
Carla and Pat Nault
Mary and Jim Neal
Kathy and Randy Northcutt
Dot and Bill O’Neal
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Padgett
Sheryl Rogers Palmer
Glena Pfennig
Pamela and Wade Pipkin
Nancy and Bill Preston
Mary Jane Puckett
Paula J. Putman
Pat and Andrew Quiroz
Betty Rader
Dr. Barry Roberts
Beverly Barbara Russell
Nancy and Bailey Salmon
Ann Heiligman Saslav
Dr. and Mrs. James Sawyer
Nora P. Schleier
Carol Scoggins
Vivianne and Ty Sharp
Phyllis T. Shaw
Sandra and Eric Skoog
Jennifer and Ted Slade
Myrtis D. Smith
Nancy R. Smith
Elizabeth Spain
W.L. Stewart, Jr.
India Rader Stroope
Elizabeth and Dan Stroup
Lanette Sullivan
Texas Bank & Trust
Shakespeare Club of Longview
Linda R. Thomas
Betty (Alice) Tirey
P.O. Tuttle
Sammye Turner
Virginia and Claud Wallace
Angela and Lawrence Walters
Linda and Harold Wells
Marc Wheeler
J.L. Youngblood
Dr. J. Raul Zapata
Tine De Vries Zapata

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