Costume Shop

Costume Shop Supervisor/Head of Wardrobe

May 15 arrival / June 30 depart

$3,500 / $350 travel / private dorm housing / 14 meals a week

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the shop; creates schedules; determines viability of proposed designs regarding budget, time, and labor; coordinates measurements; supervises cutter/drapers, first hands, stitchers/wardrobe, and interns; maintains adequate supplies and equipment; conducts shop meetings; attends production meetings; keeps track of budgets and processes receipts; coordinates fitting requests; assists in any public relation or community outreach events such as fundraisers, Media Day, displays, interviews, lectures; in charge of strike of all costume-related areas.   Head of Wardrobe - Sets up, organizes, and maintains the racks and storage systems required for the productions; organizes and supervises costume load-in and load-out, costume changes, and quick chances for each production; cleans and maintains the dressing rooms and related areas; supervises dressers and makes assignments according to production demands; responsible for ensuring the laundering, cleaning and maintenance of all costume items during the run of the show; assumes complete responsibility for all costumes and accessories in a production after opening night; after show opens, discusses any issue that could alter a costume related visual design element with the Artistic Director, including hair cut inquiries, before any decisions are made; coordinates strike of all production pieces.  Two years of professional experience in a supervisory capacity required. Position offers a $5,000 stipend for an ten-week contract, single occupancy dorm room, $350 in limited travel reimbursement, and fourteen meals a week.


Costume Cutter/Drapers (2)

May 15 arrival / June 30 depart

$3,500 / $350 travel / double occupancy dorm housing / 14 meals a week

Responsible for developing patterns and for cutting all fabric, including interlinings, facings, linings, bias strips, plackets, etc..; works with the designer and the costume shop manager to plan the construction process for each garment; instructs and supervises first hands and stitchers (offer group tutorials ensuring consistent quality/efficiency); helps maintain parameters of budget and schedule; helps designer and shop manager coordinate fitting schedule; attends fittings; supervises alterations; prepares swatch bags for each designer; cleans cutting area and prepares all patterns and unused fabrics for restocking before the end of their contract.


First Hands (2)

May 15 arrival / June 30 depart 

$3,000 / $350 travel / double occupancy dorm housing / 14 meals a week

Serve as the cutter/draper's assistant; works with the cutter/draper to supervise/instruct stitchers; helps maintain production schedule; re-threads the sergers as needed; maintains the industrial irons; performs all duties of a stitcher. 


Stitcher / Wardrobe (5)

May 15 arrival / July 29 depart 

$3,000 / double occupancy dorm housing / 14 meals a week

Assembles garments as instructed by the cutter/drapers and first hands; responsible for machine sewing and all hand finishing, closures, hems, etc.; may be utilized for crafts and other related tasks; maintains their individual sewing machine and work area.  Wardrobe - may be assigned as "Head of Wardrobe" for a particular show and consequently will fulfill the responsibilities associated with that position; assist the Head of Wardrobe in preparing and maintaining the costumes for each production; as assigned, assist with costume check in/out changeover; assist the actors in getting dressed for each production; execute quick changes as assigned by the Head of Wardrobe; assist with strike. 


Costume Intern / Wardrobe (1)

May 15 arrival / July 29 depart 

$1,250 / double occupancy dorm housing / 14 meals a week

Functions as a stitcher/wardrobe; works with the Costume Shop Manager to clean and maintain costume storage; assist with strike.



To apply send or E-mail a résumé with current mailing address, telephone number, Email address and at least two letters of recommendation or references, and any examples of your work  to the Festival Office:
Texas Shakespeare Festival 1100 Broadway Kilgore, TX  75662 Phone: 903-983-8119 / Fax:  903-983-8124


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