Comments from Previous Company Members

“My friends who had worked at TSF told me they had a wonderful time there, but if I had never experienced it myself I would never have believed the depth of it.”

“…when I first came to TSF I couldn’t have, in my wildest dreams, imagined what enriching, happy, and deep learning experiences were in store for me at TSF.”

“I’ve worked with many wonderful people and had many wonderful theatrical experiences, and without a doubt, TSF has outshone them all.”

“…at TSF the talent, the professionalism, the warmth, the support, and the respect was truly intoxicating. I don’t know how else to describe it, and quite frankly, I feel a little spoiled by the experience!”

“Working in the theatre is about relationships. You draw strength and support and knowledge from the people you work with. And if you’re lucky, you find a place and a group of people that you want to keep coming back to. I’ve found that at TSF.”

“The hardest thing about coming to Kilgore to participate in the Texas Shakespeare Festival is leaving.”

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